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Quote You're never too young to choose healthy habits.

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Your High School Audience Wants to Understand Money!

No high school student wants to sit through a dull lecture on finance that is mismatched with their abilities and interests.

But understanding personal finance is such an important issue grasp for students headed into the shark-infested waters of "the real world!" The credit card offers, student loan programs, and pricey "must-have" toys are lurking in wait!

That's why it's important for students to understand the basics of personal finance — responsible saving, spending, use of credit and investing — before they're set loose in the real world to sink or swim on their own.

The unsettling truth is that Americans are accustomed to living beyond their means and many are unprepared to pay for their desired level of education, housing and accessories!

It is always best to start out with good habits, rather than building poor habits over the years that must ultimately be broken and replaced.

Help your teen audience understand how simple it really is to get started on the right foot.  Emily can teach them to save and invest from day one — instead of starting off at ground zero, watching their net worth collapse as their debt piles up!

Give students the power to exercise control over their financial lives, starting today.  Emily Cressey makes money-making fun!

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Robert Maxwell "Emily's ability to inspire others makes her one of the most popular college speakers of this generation." — Robert Maxwell

David Finkel "Emily will share insights that help you step to the next level." — David Finkel

Patrick Lonergan "She connected with us immediately and her message was incredible!" — Patrick Lonergan