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How Did Emily Become a Real Estate Investor and Founding Member of a Company That Owns Millions in Commercial Real Estate Four Years After Graduating From College?

When I started my real estate investing career, I chose a mentor to help me along.  I hired Mentor Financial Group to teach me the basics of real estate investing.  Having grown through the ranks as a student and part-time contractor for the company, I am now assisting others as they begin their own investing careers.  I'm proud to be a real estate coach for new Mentorship Students.  I find the work highly rewarding, and it's fun to help people grow through the challenging and exciting process of buying their first investment homes using creative financing strategies.

In early 2005, I decided to add a commercial investing component to my real estate investing and became a co-founder of Grassland Investments.  This five member company invests in multi-million dollar commercial properties around the country.  We have purchased office space, apartment buildings, land, and manufacturing space.

Below are details on two of our recent projects.

Two Acre Parcel with Auto Repair Shop and Room for Development!

Auto Repair Shop Auto Repair Shop

This property was one of our early aquisitions in El Paso, TX.  We bought it from an older gentleman living in a run down house on the property.  Next door was a car repair facility that he had built and leased to a local mechanic.

By purchasing the property under market value, and leasing out the buildings on the property, we were able to create break-even cashflow and consequently we can afford to hold it for as long as we like.  Or, we may develop the remainder of the parcel, currently vacant, and resell sooner for a big profit.

This property only cost $325,000!  That is the price of a small house where I live, but by investing in the right parts of the country, you can find properties and price points that meet your budget and investment goals.

955 Acre Industrial Manufacturing Complex

Quincy Industrial Park Quincy Industrial Park

This was a challenging project that attracted a large number of other investors.

How would you like to have been one of the lucky few we called upon to help us with the due dilligence on this project?  You could have chosen between a $7,000 payout for a few months of part-time work — or waited for your profit 'til the property sold, and more than doubled it!

How would you like to be one of the investors who are earning a healthy return on their money for lending us the funds for the down payment on this project?

This will be a very profitable deal and one in which we, the developers, learned a tremendous amount.  It was our first big fund raising opportunity and we raised $5 million in bank loans, and $5 million from private investors — in just 23 days!

Visit Grassland Investments to see the rest of the portfolio or get updates on these projects!

Now Emily Shares Real Estate Stories From the Trenches!

In my real estate talks, I share our successes and mistakes, the lessons learned therein — as well as specific techniques and tools you can use as you progress in your investing career.

Whether you're looking to find and buy your own deals, identify places to invest your money passively — or even if you just handle real estate transactions as a mortgage broker, a real estate agent, a CPA, an attorney, or a title agent — it pays to understand the way investors think and what we look for when identifying safe and secure places to aggressively invest our time and money.

I would love to come to your next real estate conference to entertain and enlighten your group!

Best Regards,

Emily J. Cressey

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