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Quote An investment in education always pays the best interest.

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Lock in Your Learning

Learning is a lifetime pursuit for all those who aspire to be successful.  I have had the opportunity to continue learning after I graduated from school.  I've picked up important lessons about how the "real world" runs a little bit differently than the academic world.  I have captured my most relevant insights in these books.

How to Spend Like a Millionaire

How to Spend Like a Millionaire How to Spend Like a Millionaire

What do you think of when you think of millionaires?

Do you think of rich, luxurious lifestyles — sipping something bubbly in the back of a limo, on the way to a black-tie affair?

Do you think of a Scrooge-like hermit locked away, counting his gold, hoarding his money and never enjoying his wealth?

In How to Spend Like a Millionaire, I reveal the truth about what I observed working with seven young millionaires in the years following my college graduation.

Many young millionaires live comfortable lifestyles — they are generous and give to friends, family, and favorite charities on a regular basis.  They enjoy healthy, balanced lifestyles which include plenty of time for family, travel, and peace and quiet.  They are deeply optimistic people who believe in their own ability to achieve the goals they set before themselves.

In this exciting book I explore the lessons I learned from these "regular people" who were able to beat the odds and achieve millionaire status at a young age.  As you read it, you will discover the secrets they hold and the strategies they use to build wealth, invest, donate time and money, and enjoy life.  You'll learn what you can do now to spend (and enjoy life as you go) as a millionaire in the making!

Getting to the Top: 50 Imperative Business Tips for Surviving in the Real World

Getting to the Top Getting to the Top!

What are you going to do after graduation?

As a successful college student, I thought that since I'd done well in school for the past 16 years — I could just keep doing what I was doing and I'd make it just fine in the "real world" of business.  Wrong!

For me, graduation was like a splash of cold water.  As an entrepreneur starting a new business — and as an employee, taking direction in the workforce — I found that the techniques and strategies that had served me so well in school were, in some ways, exactly the opposite of what I needed to do to become successful in my career.

In this easy-reading book I reveal 50 things you need to know to be successful after school!  Things your employees and clients will expect you to know, but which no one has ever taught you.

You'll read it in an hour, but you'll apply the principles for years to come.  These tips are required reading for a lifetime of personal success.

"This is very valuable info and a marvelous template to 'get it done.'  Package and sell it, girl ... I'll be the first in line to buy it." — Celeste Stevens, Oregon

"After just one coaching session with Emily I learned about a variety of strategies that were easy to understand and will pay off in the future. Thanks Emily!" — Leah Dahl, California

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to Emily for spending all that time on the phone with us!  You gave us a lot of great and helpful information regarding this property and our negotiating techniques!" — Tara and Bo