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Quote College is the perfect opportunity for choosing to establish good habits.

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Emily's College Talks and Trainings

The crowd is on their feet clapping and cheering, students are coming up to you after the event — thanking you for sponsoring it.  There is a buzz of electric excitement in the air as students recognize the impact this presentation is having on their futures.

Is this what you want your next student meeting to be like?  Then invite Emily Cressey, who is available to speak at colleges across the country.

From evening lectures, to leadership retreats, national conferences, faculty break-outs, convocation and graduation, no event is too big or too small.  Emily will make an impact on your audience!

Emily enjoys presenting 45-90 minute programs on the topics below.  Each subject is also available in half-day or full-day interactive workshop.

Let's work together so Emily can help you realize your vision for a successful event.

Here Are a Few of Emily's Exciting Programs!

College Money Mastery

Playing the Money Game to Win!

(Orientation, Lectures, Greek Events)

So many people tell me, "Emily, I wish I had learned about personal finance and investing when I was your age!"  Now, your students have that chance!

Bankruptcy, divorce, perpetual dissatisfaction...  A lifetime of financial struggle awaits those who donít have the facts.  College is the best time to build strong financial habits.

From building a good credit record, to handling debt responsibly, and to learning the basics of personal finance and investment — Emily teaches through stories and case studies for an engaging and comprehensive learning experience.

  • The Real Cost of College — Paying your bills when Mom and Dad donít.
  • The Credit-Savvy Consumer — Boosting your all-important credit score.
  • Mind Over Money — Managing your finances with simple, proven strategies.
  • Good Debt, Bad Debt — Utilizing credit cards, student loans, and more!
  • Earn While You Learn — Making big money in and after college!
  • How to Spend Like a Millionaire — Investing with confidence and giving with heart.

Getting Started on the Right Foot!

The Studentís #1 Guide to a Successful College Career

(Orientation, Career Fairs, Welcome Week, or Any Time of Year)

College can be a lot of fun — it can also be a lot of work.  Itís easy for students to become overwhelmed and distracted in the college environment, but they canít afford to turn on cruise control.

Emily helps students make the most out of college by introducing lifelong skills for success!

  • Live Large - Participate! — Becoming involved without being overwhelmed.
  • Make the Grade — Building a base of academic success.
  • Find Great Relationships — Cultivating friends, dates, advisors and mentors.
  • Hedonism vs. Heroism — Maintaining work/play balance in your life.
  • Venture off Campus — Designing meaningful learning experiences through internships, volunteering, business and employment.
  • Responsible Choices — Having fun while still respecting differences.

Results-Based Student Leadership

Team-Building Skills Every College Student Must Know!

(Leadership Series, Business Clubs, Greek Events, Volunteer Groups)

Employers, volunteer groups and businesses are hungry to find good people with great leadership skills!  College is the perfect place to learn and practice the behaviors that help us lead with passion and strength.

Emily shows students what it takes to lead in todayís competitive, relationship-starved world.

  • The Power of Passion — Harnessing a common vision built with enthusiasm.
  • Capitalize on Unique Abilities — Identifying your own strengths and those of your team members.
  • Foster Harmony — Negotiating, motivating, and learning to say "no."
  • Bigger, Better, Faster — Soliciting and offering feedback.
  • Activate Your Network — Connecting with the right people at the right time.
  • The Shining Example — Thriving on the challenges of your leadership role.
Robert Maxwell "Emily's ability to inspire others makes her†one of the most†popular college speakers of this generation." — Robert Maxwell

David Finkel "Emily will share insights that help you step to the next level." — David Finkel

Patrick Lonergan "She connected with us immediately and her message was incredible!" — Patrick Lonergan