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Sensationalism is everywhere and it's hard to know what's real, anymore. The economy is tanking, the marketing noise is deafening, and you just don't know what tomorrow will hold. This site is dedicated to a no-hype retelling of what's working for me in real estate, business, and life. Welcome.

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Emily is available for speaking appearances and flat-rate consulting on the topics of personal finance and real estate. Please fill in the Contact Form for more information.

Emily’s Story

I started this blog at the end of 2007 in conjunction with the launch and development of my company’s website:

The First Thing You Should Know About Me Is I LOVE MONEY!

400windwardfrt2I have been interested in personal finance for years… starting my own passbook savings account in elementary school, starting a real estate investing partnership (a la The Beardstown Ladies) while in high school, launching my first S-corp – a computer consulting company – in college, and beginning in real estate investing the year I graduated from college, acquiring a 2-bedroom rental property in Mocksville, NC in 2003.

Sharing My Passion For Wealth Building Is A Blast!

Denver253After acquiring numerous single family homes, I began coaching other new real estate investors through Peter Conti’s company – Mentor Financial Group, LLC.  I found that I really enjoyed speaking and coaching on real estate and personal finance, and enjoy opportunities to meet, teach, and network with other investors!  I created my first seminar – The Wealth Breakthrough Weekend – with 5 partners in Denver, CO in February 2007.  It was a great event and created lots of opportunities for ongoing coaching/mentoring relationships with talented real estate investors from across the country!

I Found Out You Didn’t HAVE To Be a Grouchy Old Man To Successfully Invest in Real Estate

Now my real estate partners and I ( invest in commercial real estate together,  including Apartment Buildings, Office Space, Raw Land, and Shopping Centers.

We now teach students all over the country who are working to buy their first commercial investment property and master their financial future.



Let Me Help You With Your Real Estate Acquisitions – I Am A Commercial Real Estate Broker

Although real estate investing is a great long-term wealth building tool, I found it was important to do some business to generate cash flow as well.  Leveraging my investment expertise, I am working as a real estate agent in Seattle.  If you have a building you’d like to sell (or just find out the value of) anywhere in the country, I’d be happy to put you in touch with an expert in the area.


I Always Keep My Hand In Different Business Ventures

I also continue to own and manage single family homes on my own, invest in the stock market, and run my own business.  ( is one of my first web businesses which I launched while raising a guide dog puppy, Kera.) 

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To Real Wealth and Prosperity!

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About Emily Cressey

Emily Cressey is a real estate investor and licensed real estate agent living in Seattle, Washington. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa with an Economics degree from UNC-Chapel Hill (Go Tarheels!) her focus has been on building business for cash flow and investing in real estate for wealth. If you have questions about real estate investing, personal finance, or would like some flat-rate, affordable advice on one of these topics. Please fill in the Contact form.