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Start Your Own Investor Club (Or Association of Your Choice…) and Market To Members

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Bill Bronchick

I was at a Bill Bronchick information marketing seminar last year (for those that don’t know, he’s a real estate attorney, real estate trainer, and real estate investor) and he said the best single thing he had ever done to drive his business was to start an investment club.  I think he has close to 1,000 members in his Denver-based real estate investors club (CAREI) and he has several profit centers there.

Bill gets leads from his club for all his business activities.  Investors come to him to do their real estate closings and review their contracts, new investors partner with him on deals or bring him leads when they’re in over their heads, and when speakers come and speak/sell at his club, he gets 50% of the sales revenue.

What’s more, as a trainer and consultant himself, he can sell his own products and services to the group directly.

How Can You Capture More Market Share?

What can you learn from this example?  Maybe nothing, maybe everything. 

Although organizing a special-interest club takes some work,  you don’t have to start with a huge group to be effective.  Even having a small meeting of qualified people in your home, a local hotel meeting room, or in the back of the Sizzler, you can effectively build your status as an expert and gain a following.

Many newspapers will advertise your meeting for free in their Events or Announcements section, and you can also put flyers up in local businesses, advertise online, call and invite prospects to attend, or speak to other similar groups to build your following.  Be sure to capture the names and email addresses of everyone in your audience so that you can update them easily about upcoming meetings and topics of discussion as well as featured guests.

If you are willing to start small, commit to regular meetings, provide value to everyone who attends, and market aggressively to increase attendance, you, too can build a special interest club focused on real estate investing, or any other topic, that can eventually become a profitable part of your business plan.

More Information About Starting a Commercial Investment Club

PeterAmericaMy mentor, Peter Conti at Mentor Financial Group, has recently began offering a new program to help investors, realtors, and others in the real estate industry, who are interested in learning how to start an investment club.  As a seasoned real estate investor, trainer, and speaker at clubs across the country, Peter knows what works, and what doesn’t.

If you would like more information about Peter’s business plan for starting your own real estate investment club, let me know and I will put you in touch!

Comments Comments Off on Start Your Own Investor Club (Or Association of Your Choice…) and Market To Members

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