Emily Cressey
Quote If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you arrive?

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Emily Cressey's Background in Speaking and Success

Emily Cressey began her speaking career training hundreds of real estate investors from across the country the secrets of overcoming their fears and adopting the attitudes and behaviors that would allow them to increase their wealth like an exploding mushroom cloud.

An excellent student in high school and college, Emily won a full-ride college scholarship, participated in numerous extra curricular activities and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with highest distinction.

However, upon entering the business world, she quickly recognized that the skills that had brought her academic success in school were not sufficient to guarantee her job success or financial success.  What a wake up call!

Struggling after the failure of her first business — a computer networking firm — and working part time for a temporary service agency, she started investing in real estate.

Three short years later, she had built up a large portfolio of single family houses and formed a five member investment firm, Grassland Investments.  With her partners, Emily acquires commercial real estate — including raw land, apartment buildings, and office/manufacturing space.

She currently enjoys sharing the secrets of her success with students across the country and is thrilled to be able to share her message of conquering fear, and thinking outside the box to pursue your dream and create financial success quickly and enjoyably!

Emily's high-energy style and heart-felt financial message brings life and personality into financial topics that are critical to everyone's success in America today.

"Now I have the freedom to have dreams that are 'bigger' than who I am today.  Teamwork equals building teams with the right people." — Debbie Gonzales, Illinois

"I now understand the power of acting in the presence of my fears!" — Matt Pitcher, North Carolina